Item 9: Three Covertside Prints – Matted and Framed

Let’s face it.  Unless you live in a home with a front parlor, back parlor, drawing room, withdrawing room, morning room, ladies’ boudoir, and library, you just do not have enough coffee tables in your home to display all the great Covertside magazines.  Their covers are always a special vision of hunting and hiding them away is always a bit depressing.  As a solution (because we are always here to help!), may we humbly suggest that you use the covers to adorn your walls?  Here for you (again, we are just so helpful) is a nice way to start.  No thanks needed! (You’re welcome).

This item is 3 framed Covertside covers, each well matted and ready for you to hang up in any room you desire.  The images are 8×10 in 11×14 frames, with matching red mats.  The frames are simple black framing a mounted huntsman with hounds, simple white framing an unmounted huntsman with hounds, and simple black framing a sidesaddle hunter.

[Value: $80.]

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