Item 6: Patron Add-On Membership

You love hunting!  You want all your friends to love hunting!  With this item, you can now tempt them to try hunting with the promise that they can come as your guest for FREE.  This gift certificate turns your regular membership into a Patron Membership!  A Patron Membership has the privileges of a full membership plus you may bring a guest to each hunt. (Note: an individual guest can only hunt 3 times before they are requested to join, but trust me, it won’t take that long for them to say: “I’m joining this awesome club!”).

Spread the love of hunting to all your friends.  Infect them (but in a good way) with the hunting bug (again, it’s a good bug).  Added bonus: You’ll FINALLY be able to go to parties and talk endlessly about hunt horses and hounds and foxes and territories to people who actually know what you are talking about (unlike most parties, where conversation with you runs along the lines of: “Wait, is Agave a horse or a hound?  And who is this Danny person?  Wait, he’s a horse?  Okay, but Lucy is a person.  She’s also a horse?  And why do you keep talking about Thursday.  I though you hunted on Wednesdays and Saturdays!  Ugh, I’m going to need a drink – where’s that Ser Mixalot fellow you keep talking about.”)

[Value: $125.]

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