Item 5: Teeth Floating from TNT Equine

You love your horse.  Even when he does crazy, inexplicable things.  Like figuring out how to open his stall door in the middle of the night, walk to the far end of the barn, grab a full bale of hay, drag it past 8 other stall bound horses (possibly taking a few bites on the way to rub it in), pull it into his stall, then attempt to look innocent and sweet when you show up to feed in the morning. No?  Just me?

But he’s your baby and you need to take care of him.  Here is an item that will help.  A gift certificate for Teeth Floating from the wonderful people at TNT Equine (this gift certificate excludes the cost of sedation).  You know your pony needs to have healthy teeth to eat well, digest well, and be responsive to the bit.  Bid on this item and let your pony know you care.  (Disclaimer: This description in no way guarantees that letting your horse know you care will alleviate the equine chicanery that is usually only funny when it happens to someone else.  Now say it with me: “I love my horse.”)

[Value: $120.]

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