Item 4: Season Pass to School at Rest and Be Thankful Farm and and Official Rest and Be Thankful Saddle Pad

Rest and Be Thankful Farm (affectionately known as RABT) is one of our premier hunt territories. But it’s also a fabulous event and derby location as well as a great place to school! It has something for everyone: fields, wood trails, riding rings, water, steps, jumps of every and all types and sizes, and easy and excellent access and parking.

This Season Pass for 2021 will allow you to get the most out of RABT’s facilities. Benefits include free schooling for the season, discounts on show entries and early access to clinic spots (and you know how fast those sell out!). Note that passes are for individual riders and may not be shared or transferred to others.

AND this item includes an official RABT saddle pad! Wearing a fake Rolex? Fine. Carrying a faux coach bag? Who cares? But dressing your pony in a knock-off RABT saddle pad? NEVER!

[Value: $150.]

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