Item 21: Lende Shipping Boots

You KNOW your horse should wear boots or wraps whilst on the trailer.  It’s simple math – the chance of your horse injuring himself in the trailer is inversely proportional to the amount of money you have saved in your emergency vet fund (you know, the one you borrowed against to pay for the activity you are trailing to).

Here is a lovely alternative: use these shipping boots instead!  Horse size (15hh to 17hh – sorry Marilyn).  These even come with their own carrying case to keep them clean.  Until the first time your horse travels in these boots.  Then the carrying case will keep you clean as you can put the poop covered boots into the case instead of carrying them clutched to your chest (yes, we know, we do this too)!

WARNING: Horses who wear shipping boots have been known to walk in an hysterically funny manner causing much hilarity.  Be prepared for your horse to appear on Facebook looking like a goofball.

[Value: $155.]

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