Item 18: Cold Weather Riding Coat

This is what you’ve always wanted.  A duster to ride in that does not look like a duster!  After all, you are not working cows (okay, maybe you are, but you can still look great while doing it, right?).  This duster has a detachable hood, front and back zippers that can be unzipped to allow you to straddle your horse (or your side-saddle horns), and snaps so you may wrap the coat around your legs for an even warmer, drier ride!  This coat is brand new! From Asmar Equestrian, this coat is valued at $400!  It’s an X-Large, but fits more like a Large.

It’s soft and beautiful and you will love wearing this to the barn.  C’mon ladies – dress the part!  We are equestrians!  (and if you just envisioned dirty green much boots, an old parka, and that hat you are sure you did not buy but somehow ended up being the only hat in your closet, this coat is DEFINITELY for you!).

[Value: $400]

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