Item 17: Fleece Cooler

Winter is coming!  (I’m allowed to say that, I’m still on Season 5 and NO SPOILERS PLEASE!).  And fleece is the best weapon against a post-ride frozen pony during these long, long winter months (thank you Farmer’s Almanac for that happy prediction).  Especially if you have clipped your horse!  Put this on your horse and watch as it wicks away the sweat and leaves your horse warm and dry.  These coolers are absolutely magic! 

Do you already have one?  Then you know that you need two.  One for the barn (aka his pajamas), and one for the trailer (aka his visiting clothes). 

This cooler is horse size and is a deep berry color with black trim. It has 3 front vecro straps, a high neck to reach your horse’s poll, and a tail strap.

[Value: $45.]

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