Hunt Ball Conservation Donation (please see description for how to donate)

This is a very special item for Wentworth Hunt. It is not an item for bidding (so please do not click “Place Bid”). Instead, we are asking for donations to help preserve the Land on which we hunt. This year’s Hunt Ball donation will go to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (SPNHF). The donation will be earmarked for:

  • The Bridge Project on Powder Major
  • The Emerson Project which is a new project for the conservation of Tuckaway Farm

Please Click Here which will take you to our donations page. Choose any amount. There is no bidding and the winner will be all members and supporters of Wentworth Hunt Club who benefit enormously from land conservation! Thank you for your generosity and your kindness to our wonderful club!

(Pictures courtesy of Suddenly Still Photography)

Item 1: Swan Brook Print by Suddenly Still Photography

Denial is not a river in Egypt. The 2020 hunt season will end.  Winter will come. Then Fool’s Spring.  Followed by Second Winter, Spring of Deception, Third Winter, Mud Season, and finally, Actual Spring and Spring Hunting! You may need something to focus on until then. How about this amazing print from Suddenly Still Photography? Gaze into its depths and feel the excitement of the hounds, the thunder of the horses’ hooves, the call of the hunt horn. Hunting is just a moment away.  Ahh, that’s better!

This print is a 12″ x 32″ Canvas, .75″ Standard Wrap, Mirror Image, and it’s gorgeous!

[Value: $260.]

Item 2: Equine Veterinary Services from Myhre Equine

This gift certificate is for a spring check-up at Myhre Equine Clinic.  The services include: Wellness Exam, Oral Exam, EWT/WN/Rabies, and Fecal Floatation with Egg Count. A $215 value!  Dr. Myhre has generously donated two gift certificates, so bid on one for your one special pony, or if you have 2 horses, bid separately on both!

Avoid the bubble wrap. Get a spring check-up!

[Value: $215.11]

Item 3: Equine Veterinary Services from Myhre Equine

This gift certificate is for a spring check-up at Myhre Equine Clinic.  The services include: Wellness Exam, Oral Exam, EWT/WN/Rabies, and Fecal Floatation with Egg Count. A $215 value!  Dr. Myhre has generously donated two gift certificates, so bid on one for your one special pony, or if you have 2 horses, bid separately on both! And if you have more than 2 horses, then I don’t need to tell you that this might be a great time to have a gift certificate!

[Value: $215.11]

Item 4: Season Pass to School at Rest and Be Thankful Farm and and Official Rest and Be Thankful Saddle Pad

Rest and Be Thankful Farm (affectionately known as RABT) is one of our premier hunt territories. But it’s also a fabulous event and derby location as well as a great place to school! It has something for everyone: fields, wood trails, riding rings, water, steps, jumps of every and all types and sizes, and easy and excellent access and parking.

This Season Pass for 2021 will allow you to get the most out of RABT’s facilities. Benefits include free schooling for the season, discounts on show entries and early access to clinic spots (and you know how fast those sell out!). Note that passes are for individual riders and may not be shared or transferred to others.

AND this item includes an official RABT saddle pad! Wearing a fake Rolex? Fine. Carrying a faux coach bag? Who cares? But dressing your pony in a knock-off RABT saddle pad? NEVER!

[Value: $150.]

Item 5: Teeth Floating from TNT Equine

You love your horse.  Even when he does crazy, inexplicable things.  Like figuring out how to open his stall door in the middle of the night, walk to the far end of the barn, grab a full bale of hay, drag it past 8 other stall bound horses (possibly taking a few bites on the way to rub it in), pull it into his stall, then attempt to look innocent and sweet when you show up to feed in the morning. No?  Just me?

But he’s your baby and you need to take care of him.  Here is an item that will help.  A gift certificate for Teeth Floating from the wonderful people at TNT Equine (this gift certificate excludes the cost of sedation).  You know your pony needs to have healthy teeth to eat well, digest well, and be responsive to the bit.  Bid on this item and let your pony know you care.  (Disclaimer: This description in no way guarantees that letting your horse know you care will alleviate the equine chicanery that is usually only funny when it happens to someone else.  Now say it with me: “I love my horse.”)

[Value: $120.]

Item 6: Patron Add-On Membership

You love hunting!  You want all your friends to love hunting!  With this item, you can now tempt them to try hunting with the promise that they can come as your guest for FREE.  This gift certificate turns your regular membership into a Patron Membership!  A Patron Membership has the privileges of a full membership plus you may bring a guest to each hunt. (Note: an individual guest can only hunt 3 times before they are requested to join, but trust me, it won’t take that long for them to say: “I’m joining this awesome club!”).

Spread the love of hunting to all your friends.  Infect them (but in a good way) with the hunting bug (again, it’s a good bug).  Added bonus: You’ll FINALLY be able to go to parties and talk endlessly about hunt horses and hounds and foxes and territories to people who actually know what you are talking about (unlike most parties, where conversation with you runs along the lines of: “Wait, is Agave a horse or a hound?  And who is this Danny person?  Wait, he’s a horse?  Okay, but Lucy is a person.  She’s also a horse?  And why do you keep talking about Thursday.  I though you hunted on Wednesdays and Saturdays!  Ugh, I’m going to need a drink – where’s that Ser Mixalot fellow you keep talking about.”)

[Value: $125.]

Item 7: Snickerdoodles Cookies by Brenda

Here is your first chance in 2020 to have cookies made by our own Brenda Feely!  Her Snickerdoodles are legendary!  I know you’ve looked on in envy as Brenda fed the hounds during stirrup cup, thinking to yourself, “Hey, what about me?  I’ve been working, too.  And I’m just as darn cute as Crispy or Aiko.  I deserve some cookies.  Hey Brenda!  BRENNNNDAAAA!!!”  But alas, in 2020 it was not to be.  Until now, that is!!  These cookies will be freshly made for your maximum enjoyment once you let us know when you’ll be picking them up.  Everyone say it with me: Ohm nom nom nom!!!! 


(Pictures are courtesy of Suddenly Still Photography).

Item 8: Cookies by Brenda – Amazing Chocolate Chip

Another of Brenda’s masterpieces: Her Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies!  You know you’ve missed these Stirrup Cup treats!  Having cream sherry or Bailey’s to sip (*ahem*) at Stirrup Cup is nice, but sometimes it feels like we are just using those sweet libations to fill the lonely emptiness of not having cookies to enjoy.  So here you go!  Here is your chance to recreate Stirrup Cup as it was meant to be in the days before COVID-19!  Enjoy! 


(Pictures are courtesy of Suddenly Still Photography).

Item 9: Three Covertside Prints – Matted and Framed

Let’s face it.  Unless you live in a home with a front parlor, back parlor, drawing room, withdrawing room, morning room, ladies’ boudoir, and library, you just do not have enough coffee tables in your home to display all the great Covertside magazines.  Their covers are always a special vision of hunting and hiding them away is always a bit depressing.  As a solution (because we are always here to help!), may we humbly suggest that you use the covers to adorn your walls?  Here for you (again, we are just so helpful) is a nice way to start.  No thanks needed! (You’re welcome).

This item is 3 framed Covertside covers, each well matted and ready for you to hang up in any room you desire.  The images are 8×10 in 11×14 frames, with matching red mats.  The frames are simple black framing a mounted huntsman with hounds, simple white framing an unmounted huntsman with hounds, and simple black framing a sidesaddle hunter.

[Value: $80.]